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In the mid-1990’s the Province of Nova Scotia decided to experiment with the Public-Private-Partnership (P-3) formula to build schools throughout the Province. The main objectives were to provide taxpayers with value for their tax dollars, benefit from private sector expertise with respect to efficient execution and administration of projects, reduce risks and create opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

The Department of Education invited private companies to submit proposals for the design, construction, ownership and operation of 31 facilities to be leased to the province of Nova Scotia for a 20 year term and used for education purposes.
In 1998, Scotia Learning Centres was selected as the preferred partner to build 13 schools in conjunction with the Halifax Regional School Board, Chignectocentral Regional School Board and the Conseil Scolarie Acadien Provincial (CSAP).
Over the next 18 months, Scotia Learning Centres completed all 13 schools for a total of 919,207 square feet.
In June 2004, the portfolio of schools was expanded with the acquisition of the Leo Hayes High School in Fredericton, New Brunswick. This state-of-the-art 166,000 square foot facility was constructed in 1999 and is home to over 1,000 students and teachers.
Company Name: Scotia Learning Centres
Telephone: 902-423-1080
Email: comments@armcocap.com

Other Properties operated by Scotia Learning Centres:
Property Location Type
Bedford South School 2 Oceanview Drive Bedford, Nova Scotia Institutional
Ecole Beaubassin 54 Larry Uteck Boulevard Halifax, Nova Scotia Institutional
Ecole Bois Joli 211 Avenue du Portage Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Institutional
Enfield Elementary 29 Catherine Street Enfield, Nova Scotia Institutional
Eastern Passage Education Centre 93 Samuel Daniel Drive Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia Institutional
Leo Hayes High School 499 Cliffe Street Fredericton, New Brunswick Institutional
Lockview High 148 Lockview Road Fall River, Nova Scotia Institutional
Madeline Symonds Middle School 290 White Hills Drive Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia Institutional
Park West School 206 Langbrae Drive Halifax, Nova Scotia Institutional
Pictou Elementary 350 Wellington Street Pictou, Nova Scotia Institutional
Portland Estates School 45 Portland Hills Drive Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Institutional
Ridgecliff Middle School 35 Beech Tree Run Beechville, Nova Scotia Institutional
Sackville Heights Elementary School 1225 Old Sackville Road Sackville, Nova Scotia Institutional
St. Margaret's Bay Elementary 24 Ridgewood Drive Head St. Margaretís Bay, Nova Scotia Institutional