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In the Fall of 2008 the Province of New Brunswick decided to experiment with the Public-Private-Partnership (P3) formula to build schools in N.B. The main objectives were to provide taxpayers with value for their tax dollars and benefit from private sector expertise with respect to efficient execution.

The Department of Education invited private companies to submit proposals for the design, construction, ownership, operation and maintenance of two facilities. These were leased to the province of N.B. for a 30 year term to be used for educational purposes.

In July of 2009, BLC was selected as the preferred partner to build two schools in conjunction with District 2 and District 16, within the Department of Education.

In September/October of 2009 construction had started on the two new P3 schools – one in the Rexton area and one in the Moncton area. Within 12 months BLC had completed both schools for a total of 167,000 square feet.

Both schools have received LEED Gold certification.
Company Name: Brunswick Learning Centres

Other Properties operated by Brunswick Learning Centres:
Property Location Type
Eleanor W. Graham Middle School 9 California Road Rexton, New Brunswick Institutional
Northrop Frye School 1392 Ryan Street Moncton, New Brunswick Institutional