6009/6017 Quinpool Road Redevelopment

APL Properties Ltd., an Armco Capital company, continues to work with the Municipality to permit the redevelopment of 6009/6017 Quinpool Road. 

The proposed redevelopment will feature a 29 storey mixed use commercial/residential building containing a total of 209 dwelling units and approximately 10,600 square feet of ground floor commercial space. The main feature of this building is a 6-storey printed glass window wall above the main entrance. By incorporating the willow tree leaf pattern, we hope to preserve the history of the Willow Tree Intersection. 

Armco Capital believes that the introduction of new residential use in this area will serve to revitalize the Quinpool Road commercial district and more broadly support the economic growth of the Regional Core. The central location of the development and the proximity to major public transit corridors will afford residents easy access to the downtown core, hospital and university facilities. Residents will also enjoy recreational opportunities at the Halifax Commons, as well as access to all major commercial services along Quinpool Road.
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