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Nearly $10M committed to Halifax cultural hub


Ottawa and the Nova Scotia government announced Monday they would provide close to $10 million for a so-called cultural hub in downtown Halifax.

The new facility — slated to have a performance stage, dance studio, TV production centre and office spaces for non-profit cultural groups — will be constructed in the former World Trade and Convention Centre on Argyle Street, which was purchased by Armco Capital.

There was a large crowd of people from the arts community on hand for the funding announcement.

“Having this hub and putting all the people together, you can do magic with this,” said Pablo Rodriguez, federal minister of culture and heritage.

Ottawa’s share of the project is $4.5 million over three years.

The province had already committed $2.9 million through Invest Nova Scotia, which will be used in the office space area. On Monday, it announced another $2.7 million.

“This project will, in many ways, be transformative, and not just for the city,” said Leo Glavine, Nova Scotia’s minister of culture, communities and heritage.

The developer, Armco Capital, is contributing close to $2 million and providing reduced rent on a 20-year lease.

The final funding piece is a million dollars from Halifax and regional council is expected to vote on the proposal Tuesday.

Officials with the Link Performing Arts Society said municipal funding is needed to make the project financially viable.

Halifax MP Andy Fillmore sounded optimistic about council’s upcoming vote.

“I know Mayor Mike Savage is extremely supportive of what Culture Link is doing, as is the local councillor, Waye Mason,” said Fillmore.